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How do I know if my machine is a "low-shank" and this presser foot will fit?

How do I know if my machine is a

In our webstore we sell a wide range of universal presser feet, including this Presser Foot Set, which fit all snap-on low shank machines.

If you don’t know what sort of shank your machine has, it’s probably a low shank. Because High Shank machines are generally “fancy” embroidery models
which are more costly (like Bernina), and those who invest in these models tend to know exactly what shank type it is. Most household sewing machines are "low-shank" and will fit our presser feet.

If your machine is not a common low shank snap-on, please keep reading or contact us to confirm the compatibility with your model.

If you are using a high-shank machine, don't fret, we got you covered. Add this High Shank Snap-on Adapter for high-shank machines to your cart.

In case your machine has a screw-on system instead of snap-on, you will need this Screw On Low Shank Adapter.

If you are using Bernina you might want to get a hold of this Bernina Foot Adapter.

In case you still have doubts, please, contact us via our website. We will reply within 24 hours.

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