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Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools
Scissors are the basic tools you will need in sewing. There are several types of shears and cutters in the market for different specialties. For beginners, depending on what you plan to sew, you may choose the appropriate cutting tools to buy.

  • Sharp Tip Scissor – useful to snip the thread, detail cutting, and snipping.
  • Thread Snippers – Like Sharp Tip Scissors, it is for cutting thread and some precious snipping on fabrics. If you would like to choose between one to use, go for the sharp tip scissors.
  • Sharp General Purpose Scissors – For cutting paper, felt, leather, and other materials that are not fabric.
  • Fabric Shears – As its name implies, it is for cutting fabric, only fabric and nothing else. Don’t get me wrong, these shears can cut more than fabric. However, once you use them to cut paper or other materials, the fabric shears will become blunt for cutting fabric again. This will make the whole process of cutting fabric slow and can ultimately damage the fabric.
  • Pinking Shears – these shears have sawtooth blades; hence they leave a zigzag cutting edge to your fabric. It is for trimming your raw seam allowance when you are not using any serger to overlock the edge to prevent the fabric from fraying. It is also helpful to snip the curves’ seam allowance instead of clipping it with scissors for smoother and flatter finishing.
  • Roller Cutters – Roller cutters are great for cutting fabric quickly. They need a cutting mat underneath to protect the blade and your working table. For a straight line cut, you need a quilter’s ruler too. Big blade or the small blade? Generally, the big blade is for straight-line cutting, while the small blade is for more detailed curvy cutting. And if you are interested in getting one, we offer it in our little store:

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